When I use the words electrifying, entertaining, exciting, and educational, I mean just that.  He makes learning fun.  The toughest concepts
become simple as you listen to John explain them.

Lottie Washington - Principal
East Lansdowne School, Lansdowne, PA

Mixing Science 
A visually unique presentation of science - utilizing the skills of juggling, comedy, balancing, magic, and music. Wacky and educational - from a rap song about accidental inventions to a hair-raising experiment with electricity. The Science Show proves that science can be found at school, on the playground, at home, in your car - it's every where!  And the more we discover, the more fun learning can be. 

...and Showmanship
John Hadfield is an international performer who graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Russian Language and chose to do his graduate work at the Ringling Bros. Clown College.  He has performed at schools, museums, and festivals throughout the United States and Canada.  John's credits include Disneyland, the White House, the National Theater, the China International Children's Festival, and Magic Land in Bangkok, Thailand.  His other scientific hobbies include aikido and ski racing.

Rave Reviews
So often, an assembly program has no real application to anything which is being studied in school and is designed merely as an entertainment piece.  Your program, however, was a combination of solid entertainment, encompassing humor, music, magic and juggling combined with a great deal of science information.  By focusing on heroes in the sciences, you gave our students an awareness of what they
can accomplish by just reaching a bit farther and trying just a bit harder.  I especially appreciated
your emphasis on creativity and imagination, since
as children get older, they seem to lose these wonderful traits.
Beverly Breniser - Principal
                          Leola Elementary School, Leola, PA


I think that your program is very good!!  I was not really into science but I like science a lot more now!!  I hope you go to many other schools because it is a really great program.  My teacher liked it a lot too because she teaches two science classes.

Heather B. - 4th grader
Townsend Elementary School, Townsend, DE


It didn't take long to win the audience over.  Within seconds, Hadfield's nerdy "professor" character had become a rapping, dancing and pantomiming fool in order to introduce the theme that "Science is for everyone."  He then takes everyone on a wild tour of physics, astronomy and biology.

This new project is not crafted to provide a comprehensive science curriculum, but rather a taste of a few of its disciplines and personalities.  John makes the material understandable to even the little kids, but condescends no one; a few jokes are designed to go over the children's heads but serve to keep the teachers on their toes.  This, in turn, makes the kids pay even closer attention.

Jens Larson
CIRCUS REPORT, March 11, 1996


Where did you get the electric ball?  I would like to have one so I can shock my sister.  You showed me that science is really fun.

Reggie Q. - 3rd grader
Lake Forest Elementary, Felton, DE


For us adults, it was a real treat to see science combined with fun using circus arts.  Now when students study gravity and friction in their science classes, they'll have memories of the floating hat and the Rice Krispies that really pop up!!, not to mention all of the other aspects of science your show demonstrated.

Lana Dreyfuss - Cultural Arts Chairperson
                           Oakland Terrace Elementary School PTA
                                                             Silver Spring, MD


Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed your presentation.  It really made science sound fun.  I really am interested in it now.  I never knew there was plastic in between a car window.  I always thought it was all glass.  I hope you can come again soon.

Ashley P. - 4th grader
Townsend Elementary School, Townsend, DE


You are the best we have seen . . . and we have seen some very nice programs.

Sharon Steenwood - 1st grade teacher
Whetstone Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


If you are looking for an inexpensive assembly for children in grades K - 6 that is both entertaining and educational, this is a "can't miss" program that will be enjoyed by all.

Joseph C. Cramp - Principal
Green Fields School, Woodbury, NJ


What a terrific science show!  Our capacity audience of approximately 200 children was thoroughly informed as well as entertained by the selection of scientific material and the humorous way in which you presented it.  As one young spectator commented, "he's cool."

Virginia Christian - Children's Librarian
The Pottstown Public Library


John Hadfield may not be a rocket scientist, but he sure can make learning about gravity and electricity fun.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
November 23, 1995



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